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IGersJaipur Helpline : +91 961 063 1113 (10am to 6pm) also available on Whatsapp


Team Instagramers Jaipur (IGersJaipur)

Designation Name Instagram ID
Founder & Curator Amit Ginani @AmitGinani
Content Writer Kanika Pareek @Kanika.Pareek
Creative Designer Pratap Singh @Pratap1188
Creative Photographer Riya Kishnani @Riya_Kishnani
Creative Photographer Arun Kadel @Arun_Kadel
About IGersJaipur

The active community of Instagramers and amateur photographers in Jaipur! PhotoWalks, InstaMeets and more.

We are a bunch of enthusiastic, amateur and mobile photographers based in Jaipur.

We've been meeting frequently and going on PhotoWalks across the city, thanks to a gradual community built on the app - Instagram.

We organize these walks on a monthly/fortnightly basis.

These are open to all amateurs/professionals using various types of cameras and photography equipment. There's immense knowledge sharing about the places we visit as well as the craft itself. The age group has ranged from 15 to 45 in the recent past. :)

If you would like to join, you can also join the closed group where we brainstorm and poll for upcoming events. And share a few of our favourite pictures from the meetups and otherwise. However, the group rules and protocol must be followed.